As a provider of training and development courses, Spohrt Training exists to help partners create long term careers. We’re major proponents of the Growth Mindset and instil this in every person that comes to us for assistance. This includes sports people and a range of others that require access to SQA qualifications.

Modern Apprenticeships now cover more than 80 different frameworks and one of them might be for you. These can be useful for employees and employers alike, so get in touch if you think that you could benefit. These cover a number of different industries, sectors and routes to further learning.

Spohrt Training work with various partners to provide opportunities for businesses and the individual alike.


We offer a network of support to football players and believe that with the Growth Mindset, anything is possible. With the right attitude, any person can learn and succeed in their chosen field of work. If you’d like to stay in the football sector then we can also help you retrain as a scout for new opportunities.

So many academic opportunities can feel like they are closed off to individuals but we want to change this. We think that the Growth Mindset is key to anyone that feels like these opportunities aren’t feasible. Using this new way of thinking can open up so many doors, so don’t let the wrong mindset get in your way.

If you would like any further information on any of our services then get in touch with one of our advisors today.

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