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Here at Spohrt Training, we offer a range of services to the sporting professionals and other individuals. This includes providing SQA accredited courses, advice on Modern Apprenticeships and access to scouting courses.

We’re an exceptionally diverse organisation and are not limited to helping those with a background in football. We work with carefully selected partners to further the careers of our candidates and offer them routes to learning.

It’s always busy at Spohrt Training but we make time to talk with each and every person that’s interested in our service. We know the heartache that rejection from football can cause and we understand that it can be daunting to look for a job in a new industry.

We employ the Growth Mindset to show candidates that they do have what it takes to take their careers into their own hands. That’s why we offer bespoke support to those going through that process and find ways to help.

Every aspect of our service can be changed to suit your needs, regardless of what they might be. Our company is made up of experienced football professionals and employment experts. We’ve worked with many players in the past and we want to continue to help many more.

Our support network comprises of helpful guides and information with next steps for readers. We can offer you advice and help on reclaiming football expenses with no upfront cost to the applicant.

We offer a free consultation service to anyone that wants to know more or wishes to chat about the opportunities open to them. There’s no obligation to go through with any of our courses and we offer advice on all aspects of the employment market.

If you require assistance on getting back into work or forging a new career path then contact us to learn more.


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