Preparing for your life after football is a vital task for any player, no matter the skill or talent level. Anyone can be reduced from full time to part time within a club within a matter of weeks. Over and over, we see players that can’t afford to play part time but don’t know how to move into another job.

Spohrt Training are here to stop this cycle for players of all ages, to prepare them for new challenges. No longer playing doesn’t mean that you can’t still be a part of football, whether you retrain as a scout or other part of the team.

Many footballers have skills that are perfect for employers but they just don’t know how to present them. They may be accustomed to training hard to meet goals, working as part of a team and even strategizing – all of which are key skills for many sectors.

We have a network of resources and experience specifically created for footballers looking for new opportunities. We can help you claim back tax that you may have over paid, get you into a scouting course or just help you add to your CV with further skills.


A two day course that covers all aspects of becoming a professional football scout.


We can help you apply for the tax rebate that you are entitled to.


There are many types of footballers that can benefit from what we offer, such as those who have retired and those that want an exit strategy in place. No one ever plans to leave football and very few have a choice in the matter when that time comes. After such a drastic change, it can be difficult to get back on your feet without the proper support.

Our Glasgow team comprises of past players and professionals who really understand what it’s like to leave football. We foster the Growth Mindset to act as living proof that you can become anything that you set your mind to. You don’t have to be academically talented to succeed, you just have to possess the drive and motivation.

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