If you assess others as part of your current role, or want to apply for a role that involves assessing others, then the Assessor Award is for you. It’s a multi-purpose award that can be used in a wide range of industries, workplaces and roles.

Through the award, the candidate will show competence with the following processes of assessment:

  • Watching other workers.
  • Examining of their work, either at the current time or work completed at an earlier date.
  • Questioning.

Part of this course may also involve the candidates in indirect evidence, for example:

  • Carrying out meetings with candidates.
  • Using the experiences and reports of others.
  • Assessing the statements of candidates.
  • Watching candidates in created environments.
  • Accrediting and acknowledging prior learning.

Any decisions made by the candidate in this course will be used to confirm their achievements in a range of situations. This includes assessing SVQs and other standards or qualifications within the company.

To be successful in this qualification, decisions made by the assessor must be substantial, but also realistic and manageable. Every assessment undertaken should show all of the cycle; from planning, judging evidence, creating feedback and then recording their decisions.

The candidate’s performance through this course will be graded by the assessor observing their work. They will be examining:

  • The notes used by the assessor in discussions.
  • The plans the assessor agrees with others.
  • The recording of their decisions.
  • Records of feedback and discussion with candidates.
  • Records of standardised qualities and processes.

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